Happy Earth Day!

Today to celebrate Earth Day, we watched a few Brain Pop videos on environmental issues and I asked my students to think about the word:


I asked them to define what it meant, and one student suggested that a commitment is like a promise.  We used that as our definition and then proceeded to use what we know and what we saw in our video clips to write personal "commitments" to the earth!  We then did a quick review of some of the geography from earlier this year . . . about how our planet is divided into hemispheres, how we use latitude and longitude lines to find locations, and so on.

We then used coffee filters to make watercolor "hemispheres" to add a nice touch to our promises to the earth!  We sketched in pencil, then watercolored the land . . .

then the water . . .

Then we mounted our promises with our art and were ready to hang them up as reminders!

I hope all of you had a good Monday--I am TIRED tonight!  


  1. Those turned out nicely :) I love that the coffee filters are already round!! Might use this for the book we're doing right now - it would tie in very nicely.


  2. I love the idea of committing ourselves to something to help take care of the earth! Nice project. :)

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