Tracking Our Thinking--a "Ponder Mobile"

Well, we have started reading "Flutter", and after the first chapter my students were hooked.  Seriously!  We are now on chapter 3 and the kids are hanging on every word.  We are working on "digging deeper" into texts and preparing to write a set of literary essays in this combination reading/writing unit.  To help, we are using double entry journals and I am going to




my thinking throughout!  I also made a "ponder mobile" for us to be considering as we read . . .  it is spinning right by our doorway--5 posters, 10 questions.  Check it out!  Many of the questions on it come from either pausing points we have used, ideas from my "Digging Deeper" unit, or questions that we are going to be studying as we go through this unit.

I gave the students some time to read the prompts and then we talked about whether we would be able to answer them throughout the text or only when we finished and did some discussing about what we already knew.

Then I explained that we would be tracking our pondering by writing key thoughts on butterflies (Get it?  "Flutter"?  I know . . . it's cheesy, right?  Still--the butterfly is one of the critical symbols in the book so it seemed fitting!) and sticking them onto our "Ponder Mobile" like this:

I figure by the time we are finished reading, this mobile is going to be covered in paper butterflies AND we will have a wonderful basis for us to refer to as we write literary essays on the text.  Thought I'd share--the students are super excited!  I'll add another photo as we progress through the book so you can see how it is working!

One day left this week--and it's a field trip for me . . . cross your fingers.  I'm always a nervous wreck on trips.


  1. Love this mobile. Now that our state ELA assessments are over, I'm ready to truly enjoy our interactive read aloud. We've just begun PR Giff's House of Tailors. I'd love to know the questions on the other side of your mobile.

    1. Thanks! I will post a "follow up" in the next week or so--we have been adding butterflies like crazy! I'll list the questions in that post. I'd love to know how your kids like that book. Sorry I am posting on this so late--I was out of the country for a week!

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