I did it!  I published it!  190 pages of fraction fun!

I cannot begin to thank all of you for your kind words over the last few months . . . you have kept me going when it didn't seem worth the time and you  have made me feel very appreciated!

So . . . the unit is up and published. I feel so bad about how expensive it is . . . I asked several top sellers how much to sell it for, and they all felt $20.  I knew I couldn't do it, so I have it priced at $16.  For today, I am putting it on sale so if any of you want to buy it, it is at a reduced price for today--tomorrow it will go up to its regular price.  Thanks again!  I have added in quite a bit, so I really hope you find it helpful!

Tomorrow look for a blog post about my new unit--division!  We have been digging in to the concept for the last few days, and I have some cool stuff to share.  So . . . if you are interested, check out my new baby!  Thanks again to all of you...


  1. I just HAVE to comment on this post!
    I am in possession of this unit. I want to make it clear that this unit is worth AT LEAST $20!

    When I read all 190 pages of this resource I walked away having learned SO much! It was honestly better than most math professional development courses I have attended.

    You can't beat this resource. It has pictures of it in use with students, black lines, exit slips, hints and tips for teachers, detailed explanations of how she used it in the classroom. WOW!

    So the fact that she is selling it for $16 is a TOTAL STEAL OF A DEAL!

    She is right about one thing though- if you are an inflexible, must move on to the next topic even if we aren't ready kind of teacher, then you won't want this unit.

    But, if you are the type of teacher who lets the students ability determine your pace and really want your students to have an amazing in-depth understanding of fractions, then totally snatch this baby up.

    All I can say after reading it is "WOW!"
    -Mr. Hughes
    An Educator's Life

    1. Mr. are SO sweet! Seriously--your comment made my day! I so appreciate your feedback with the final "tweaks" of my "baby". I am humbled by your gracious remarks...

  2. Oh my goodness, I couldn't agree with Mr. Hughes any more on this unit.

    I was blessed to be able to proof this unit and as a Middle School Math teacher, I can't say anything more than WOW! I wish that my students came to me with this type of investigative learning background as the foundations they have for math wouldn't be full of gaps.

    Meg has done some amazing work and the fact that she gives it to you in a format showing how it was used in he classroom, makes this unit worth it's weight in GOLD!

    Fractions are a difficult concept for all students and they are the basis of so many other future concepts for students and if all students have the ability to take time and make inferences and justifications for their observations in math, just think of how this could help them in other subjects as well.

    This unit is a STEAL at $16 and I am already thinking of a few teachers to gift this to for next school year.

    Thanks again Meg for an AWESOME unit for our future generations!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    1. Wow, Jennifer! Thank you so much for the glowing recommendation! It means a lot coming from you and Mr. Hughes--I know you two have seen a lot of products! I really don't know what to say--first you two help me by proofing it and then you make me all weepy! :)

  3. It's an awesome unit, Meg. I am definitely using it next term as my review for my third graders ( I think they'll be able to handle it since I've been drilling them all year in how to think!!) And $16 is just fine - it's totally worth more than than just to have all your blog posts handy to re-read on the spot. Hopefully it's going to inspire a lot more teachers to step outside the box and become less "traditional" in their approach to Math!!


  4. Totally agree. This is a steal and $20 would be TOTALLY WORTH IT (but I'm glad I got it for the sale price, lol!). I'm using it as an extension for my second graders. We 100% need more resources like this. Bought it two minutes after reading this post. WOW.