It's Almost Finished!!! Fraction Fans...Thanks for your patience!

My fraction unit is almost finished! I know MANY of you have been asking, so I am here for an update--I am hoping to post the unit this weekend! Here are some of the details... 

  • It includes all the blog post text and photos in a more printer friendly format.
  • It includes all of my Hands On Fraction activities (I know some of you already have this resource . . . but I used it in my unit so I need to include it for those that don't!)
  • A number of exit slips to guide you along the way
  • Several homework/independent work pages (not a ton though...not what the unit is about!)
  • The student-friendly Common Core sheet as shown in my self-assessment post
  • Teaching "tips" about how I paced the unit (Since the unit is so "constructivist", I included tips on how I worked in some of the more computational stuff--let's be realistic . . . they have to be able to do it!)
  • My Fraction Word Problems (again, I know some of you already have it. . . I'm sorry for the duplication!)
  • All the journal prompts ready to print and be glued into math journals
  • Suggested learning targets for each lesson
  • . . . and more!
I am a little nervous about the unit, to be honest . . . if someone purchases it and is looking for a traditional fractions unit, they are going to be greatly disappointed!  I really hope it helps those of you who have requested it.  

Watch for a blog post coming up about the actual "release" date--because I will offer it at a reduced rate for a day or so for all of you who have stood by me through the process!  Again--look for it this weekend . . . maybe Saturday if all goes well!  If you can think of anything else you want added, now is the time!  Here is the cover I was thinking of using. . . what do you think?


  1. So excited! Congrats on being so close! When I buy it, I will be sure to leave feedback talking about how non-traditional it is, and that's why I love it. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Dawn! I will, of course, be trying to make that point clear in the description too! I really appreciate all your kind words along the way!

  2. Ditto Dawn! I loved the approach to learning - it's so much more valuable than just handing out worksheets. I've tried one of the activities and desperately wanted all of Meg's notes in front of me as I guided my class through it. I'm definitely going to go through the whole unit next term when we re-visit fractions and will be using all the handouts, prompts and reflections! Can't wait :)


    1. Thanks,'ll be teaching my fraction unit while I will use your awesome farm problem solving task!

  3. I can't wait to get this. I also can't believe you are so close to finishing! I think it will be a success because it is non-traditional and that is how students learn best with the Common Core.
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  4. I am so buying this to use with my Grade 6, and Grade 4 homeschooled sons....I've already been using your ideas and getting my Grade 6 to come up with the 'rules' with fractions ie. adding's amazing how fast they can pick it up!

    1. Louisa, thank you! I agree that these are PERFECT to use in a homeschooling situation where you can really tailor the discussions. I hope your sons have fun critiquing the work some of my students did--that will be fantastic for them...a way to be a part of a class WITHOUT being part of a class! I appreciate your support!