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Collaborative Sale! WOW!

As you may know, I am one of a dozen or so bloggers who collaborate on "All Things Upper Elementary" . . . and I can't stress enough how much combined knowledge that team has!  I really recommend visiting regularly for great teaching advice and amazing resources!

Many of the members of this collaborative blog are throwing a sale this weekend as many people are on spring break.  I know I just had a sale, but I am joining forces with my people to celebrate!  I would encourage you to stop by some of my friends' sales to see their great resources!  As you can see, the sale runs Sunday and Monday. . . 

Here are a few of the items featured in my sale!  

These problems are great for helping students really think about the "variable" and to choose which operation to use.  So many times we give students word problems during a certain unit (like multiplication) and then the students don't really THINK about what math operation to choose.  These problems make them think!  I've also included problems at different levels so they are easy to use with students at different levels.  It also asks students to write matching equations/number sentences to help them make those connections!

My students are getting SO much better at these as I have modeled them more!  Let me know if you buy them and use them . . . I am curious to see if you feel they are helping students dig deeper.  If so, would you want other sets available?  Conflict?  Setting?  

I only wish I had my fraction unit ready for all of you!  I promise to continue working on it this weekend!  I have about 5 different products started and have report cards looming.  Anyone else have report cards in the near future?  I always stress so much . . . I never feel that I canthe  communicate what I really want to with report cards--I much prefer conferences where we can really dialogue about students' strengths and needs.

So . . . the Collaborative Spring Fever sale is coming up . . . the hope of spring break approaches (I'm going to Jamaica!!!!!) . . . anyone doing anything fun over the next few weeks to wish the winter blues away?  I'd love to hear!  

Please consider visiting some of my fellow bloggers!  They have GREAT stuff--and all of the following will be featuring the sale as well as some of their resources in their post today!

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  1. Just finished report cards and conferences, phew! Such a good feeling, though state testing is next week and vacation is a month away. Oh well. Have fun on vacation, and good luck with our Upper Elementary Sale!


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