Five on Friday: 5 Favorite Products

I really try not to promote my products on my blog much, but I do want to let everyone know that there is a big sale happening at both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook this weekend.

I thought I would take a little break from the seriousness of my fraction posts (another one is already set to post tomorrow if you are following along!) and post 5 of my favorite products on Teachers Pay Teachers . . . I figure if they have been helpful to me in my classroom, perhaps they will be helpful to you as well!  Sorry for the shameless promotion--but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

I got SO much use out of these activities when we worked on our large number/place value unit.  These activities are ready to print and can be used as whole class investigations or with small groups.

Place Value Activities: Common Core Aligned

This is one of my best sellers...3 problem solving activities that force students to think and use numbers.  They are "open ended" meaning there are multiple solutions; the value is in the application of math--something extremely important in the Common Core and the real world!  My kids LOVED these!

Open Ended Math Challenges

We are working on this right now, and my students are SO into it!  They are using their homonym dictionaries when they "write" and are going home and teaching their families about the "right" words to use!

Common Core Homonym Activities

Just in time for Valentine's Day...I have lots of different sets of problems in my store, and my students love working in pairs on word problems.  I promised them Valentine word problems--and here they are!  This set focuses on larger number multiplication, a unit we just finished.

Valentine Multiplication Word Problems

This is a bundled set of 3 demand writing prompt sets I have in my store.  I cannot tell you how helpful they have been for me as I have worked to get better at evaluating writing and at using the information to help students grow as writers. Each one is available separately as well.

Bundled Set of Demand Prompts/Scoring guides

So . . . I'm sorry for the completely ridiculous "plug" of my own stuff.  I promise not to do it too often!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend--tune in tomorrow for my "Day 4" fraction update!

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