A Favorite Literacy Website . . .

If you are like me, you LOVE to see actual photographs of classrooms, student work, anchor charts, and more.  When I SEE, I remember.  When I READ, I wish I had something to SEE to help me remember!  That's just how my brain works.

Enter Julie Ballew.  Have you seen her website?  I am a frequent visitor because her photos of student work, anchor charts, and more help me picture things that I have read, thought about, considered doing, and so on.  When I browse through her site, I feel that excitement . . .  the "Ooooooh!  I want to do that!" and "I FORGOT about that!"  It's a great place to visit when you need inspiration!  She has everything from lesson plans to anchor charts (TONS of anchor charts!) to student work.  Get ready to spend a few hours absorbing it all!

One such "inspiration" for me came from a project she featured where students created personal "reading identity ladders".  We called them "Me as a Reader" projects!  We made these midway through first quarter after we had worked really hard to talk about reading behaviors, about what successful readers do, and about setting personal reading goals.

Here is the link to Julie's page . . .

Our version . . .

Look at all the readers!

The prompt for this piece was "I am the kind of reader who..."

"I want to be the kind of reader who..."

"My reading goal is..."

We had these hanging in the hallway and kids and adults LOVED to stop and check them out!  We just took them down, and the kids were so excited to have them to keep--and loved talking about what goals they would have NOW if they did the project.

So, when you are looking for new inspiration, I can't stress enough what nifty ideas Julie has!  Check it out!  Thanks for all your hard work, Julie!


  1. That is a great idea for self reflection! I will definitely have to check that blog out! Also, I nominated you for the Liebster on my blog because I love all your ideas so much!

    Eclectic Educating

  2. Thanks, Amy! That was really thoughtful of you! I was nominated for that a few months ago, and I appreciate your kind words and thoughts! Check out Julie's stuff--she is great!

  3. That's a great resource! I've bookmarked her to read over later when I can take notes :)


    1. Have fun! Maybe send your notes over to me.... ;)

  4. We write a Reader's Autobiography as our first reading log entry of the year and I just had the kids update them last week. I love the idea of translating the information from the autobiographies into a project like this. They would be great for display for Back-to-School Night. I'm thinking we could leave a section blank and bring them back out midyear for an update. Thanks for sharing. ~Stacy @ new-in-room-202.blogspot.com

    1. I love this, Stacy! Great way to combine the two ideas!