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We "Love" to READ!

Today was a "late start" in my district...3 hours of professional development with the students coming at 11:00 (more on that later!)...then a quick hour of instruction, a different lunch hour, then a shortened afternoon...and this is coming off a "no school" Friday--and a snow/ice storm yesterday!

As you can imagine, the students were a little . . . ummmm . . . excited?  So what is a good teacher to do?  ABANDON SHIP!  I scrapped my plans for today and, instead, did an activity that I had planned for later in the week, our "We LOVE to read" bulletin board!  It's so easy . . . students simply pick one of the books they have read this year that they LOVE, write a brief book review, and then mount it on a colored heart background that they then decorate.  Some years I hang this on my door, but last year I convinced my entire team to do it so we had 100 awesome heart-shaped book reviews down the hallway!  It was so fun to watch the students stop and read all the different ideas--it even prompted me to type it up and create a little something for my Teachers Pay Teachers store if someone didn't even want to have to THINK about it!  As you can see from the photos below, it is SO easy to do . . . and the students had a blast.  What a great way to spend a little time celebrating books--on the day the Newbery was announced!  Congratulations to "The One and Only Ivan" for winning the Newbery and "This is Not My Hat" for winning the Caldecott.

 Hope this inspires you to celebrate books over the next few days!

Like the idea but just don't want to have to think too hard?  I put together the heart template, the letters to spell "We LOVE to read", and other suggestions in my bulletin board resource on TpT and Teacher's Notebook.  (Note:  I am new to Teachers Notebook and am just testing the waters--I would love to know everyone's thoughts on it!  Anyone shopping there?)

Here it is in case you want to take a peek. . . 
(The one in my store is tweaked a little bit from what I did today)

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  1. Ooh, I love the "books we love" activity. I actually had one of those light-shining-through-the-clouds-and-the-heavenly-choir-sings moments this week. A girl who didn't like reading at the beginning of the year said, during Morning Meeting, "My news is I love my book that I'm reading and I really hope we get lots of time to read today." YES! So I feel inspired, I think I'm going to have my students write about books they love on Valentine's Day. :D


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