Saturday Reflections

Happy weekend to all of you!  I know I needed it...

First of all, a "congratulations" to Lynn from over at Fun in the Fours for being the winner of my casual "Historical Fiction" giveaway!  I loved reading all your book recommendations, and a few are books that I haven't read--so guess who has new stuff in her Amazon cart!  Take a peek at Lynn's blog--she is doing some AMAZING things with her students in Bermuda--lots of creativity going on in her room!  Lynn, your copy of the Sarah, Plain and Tall  novel study is on its way!  I hope it's helpful!

Next, I wanted to just brag a little about my improving problem solvers!  We've been doing lots of word problems in my class--some just basic ones to reinforce decimals and basic multiplication and algebra thinking (it sure is nice having all those problem sets I created...I just have a stash in my room for easy access!), but also some "bigger:" problems like I have mentioned in earlier posts.  Earlier this week one of my students came up to me and informed me that she had written a problem and wondered if I could check it out.  Here it is...

Pretty cool, eh?  I asked her if I could type it up for the class to try and her eyes got WIDE.  She absolutely beamed!  So...the next day this was our warm up problem and the kids were GREAT!  We shared some different solutions, kids were running to the author for clarification, and she was in her glory.  I'm waiting to see if it "spreads" and other kids initiate problem writing in their free time...we'll see!

Finally, I am trying to get myself geared up for next the next few weeks I am going to be out of my classroom for a number of different curriculum meetings, so I need to get myself organized!  Historical fiction, poetry writing, and big number multiplying are all on the board!  Feel free to send me motivational thoughts or ideas!  I did just finish a Valentine word problem set to use with big number multiplying if any of you are looking for something in the next few weeks...nothing fancy, just good old fashioned word problem with a Valentine theme!

Have a great weekend!  :)


  1. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! I was SO hoping I'd win - mind you I'd have bought it if not :) Thanks Meg!! Isn't it fun when your students do things like write a word problem? Great idea to type it up - mind if I borrow the idea? I'd love my kids to write the problem of the day pack - maybe make it an extension activity for them. I'll bet they'd love it :)

    1. Borrow the idea? Like it was MINE to begin with?!?!? HAHA!


  2. I love when the kiddos create their own problems!