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"Just Right Book" Review

Some things just need repeating, and I am starting to see a few of my fourth graders slipping in their ability to make "just right" books choices.  You know the students...reading Magic Tree House one day and then trying to pick up a copy of Percy Jackson the next?

To start the year, we spent a great deal of time building a reading community, talking about how to select a book, what a "just right" book is, and so on.  That being said, as students' abilities change, they sometimes need a little "reminder" about what it is we are trying to accomplish! So...on the "to do" list for tomorrow is to go revisit the anchor chart we made back in September...

and to make sure we do some reflecting on what makes a book "just right" --for THEM.  I think we will then spend some time re-exploring our classroom library so students can make a new list of books they can't wait to read--I always like students to have some ideas about what their next few books are so they don't waste time aimlessly looking!  Hopefully students can find some hidden gems in my bins and on my shelves!


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I like to put out "books of the month" which are always picture books for whatever holiday is around that time. I tell them they aren't allowed to read two in a row- because for most of my kids those books are way too easy for them, but they'll sit there and read every one in the basket!! I want them to still enjoy picture books, but they will often take the "easy route" if they can. :(

  2. I am just waiting for the Monday Morning, during our Book Share time, when I have fewer than 3 kids start out with, "I read Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Jeff Kinney..."

    Percy Jackson ROCKS! A lot of them have gotten into May Bird this year too (even boys, surprisingly. I think they were hooked once I told them it had ghosts, hehe).

  3. This is just what we need in Room 202. I've been noticing the same things with my students. I especially like the suggestion to revisit what the classroom library has to offer. Thanks for posting this.
    ~Stacy @ new-in-room-202.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks, everyone! Glad you all stopped by...so many AMAZING books out there, aren't there?!


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