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Great New Blog!

Hey everyone!  I'm going to keep today short and sweet--but I wanted to let you know about  new blog I am a part of--a collaborative blog called "All Things Upper Elementary", a blog that will be "shared" among 14 leading bloggers specializing in upper elementary--INCLUDING ME!  I am SUPER excited to be one of the 14 bloggers working together to provide you with quality information, inspiration, linky parties, and products to help you in your intermediate classrooms!

Each day--starting today--one of each of the 14 bloggers will be featured.  Come get to know us and watch as this blog begins to grow!  Feel free to grab the button and link to your blog as well...we intermediate teachers need to stick together!  (Just so you know, MY "introduction" will be featured on January 9--I guess I better start writing it!!!)  After our introductions are complete, we will be on a rotation system where we each blog every 14 days--come back and get to know each of our styles, strengths, and ideas!

That's all for today...working on my "Five on Friday" for tomorrow--stop back and check it out!



  1. Congrats! :) I've already had a look and followed - it looks good. Will be watching on the 4th especially :)

  2. HA! Thanks, Lynn! I appreciated your email earlier today...will reply later!


  3. Oops - meant the 9th. Was looking for your post today and realized I had the wrong day!! :)

    1. :) Got it written today and learned how to post it on a schedule--so much technology to learn with this whole blogging thing!


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