Five on Friday! What are we reading?

Today's "Five on Friday" is just a highlight of five books that my students can't get enough of!  My students are AVID readers, and they are constantly on the lookout for new books--and REALLY love series books!   Today I snooped around and snapped a few photos of books that haven't spent much time on the shelf--or that I have seen being checked out and re-checked out from our school library!

Here are five of the many books/series that are currently making the rounds in my classroom!  Interested in reading more about how I take status of the class?  Hop on over to 2 Peas and a Dog tomorrow to read my guest blog post about it!
Take a peek at the wear and tear on this bad boy.  Mythology.  Adventure.  Feature film.  Need I say more?  I have at least 8 students who are all/part way through this series--boys and girls alike!
This is the recent "hot book" in my class...I think 4 have read it and another 6 are on the waiting list!  Part friendship story, part mystery, part "fitting in" story...the kids have been captivated.  It's next on my "to read" list.

Some of my more reluctant readers are GOING  CRAZY for the Jake Maddox books!  These high interest books are fantastic because  they can finish them in a one or two days so they can more easily maintain the story line.

Some of my stronger readers have discovered Cornelia Funke books and are "team reading" them.  They have had some GREAT discussions and have been really pushing each other through the series.

This series has been FANTASTIC for a few of my girls who were struggling to make the transition from shorter chapter books to longer ones.  It was a real confidence booster, and several of my girls have read a number of these in recent months.

What are YOUR students reading?  


  1. Love love LOVE Lightning Thief! The Kane Chronicles are almost as good. I'll have to check out Cornelia Funke this summer.

  2. Yep...have several reading Kane as well...have another several currently hooked on Andrew Clements. So fun to get to know them as readers!

  3. I'm a Riordan fan myself - waiting for the next book (read Son of Neptune as soon as it came out). I HATE it when I have to wait nearly a year for the next part of a story. Andrew Clements is good as well (I love Frindle the best) What are my kids reading? Sadly, next to NOTHING!!! How can I , an avid reader, have received a class of non-readers?!!! I only have 2 out of 16 children who want to read. I'm starting Reading Response Journals next week, am doing reading BINGO cards right now and am going to do Reading Ribbons - all in an attempt to inspire SOME of them. There has to be some way to get to them to realize the joy of a good book. (Loved your post in the blog hop although it took me quite a while to find you :))