Another "tip"--adding life to bulletin boards!

Here is another classroom "tip" that I thought I'd share...if you are like me, you have less and less time to create bulletin boards as you spend more and more time on curriculum, assessment, and other key teaching duties.  One quick tip that has added a little visual "pop" for some of my displays is simply to mount the letters I use on bright colored theme notepad only takes a few seconds more and the effect is pretty dramatic!  I save these letters from year to year so I don't need to make new ones.  Tip number them in a plastic bag where you write out the saying/title so you don't have to play "Wheel of Fortune" next year trying to remember what they spell!

I think it is also helpful for me as a teacher and for students to have our guiding questions posted keeps me focused on the key topics within our unit and is great for visual learners.  Add some student work and you have a quick and easy, content-relevant bulletin board!  Hope it motivates you--I know it NEEDS to motivate ME to get some new displays up as we start our new units!  Have fun getting creative--and saving yourself some work in the process!

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