Thinking about "Back to School"

Really?  Back to school already?  It's hard to believe, but I am starting to let thoughts of the new year trickle into my head.  Most of it involves ALL the things I want to do better in 2013...I want to keep my papers more organized...I want to be better planned "unit-wise"...I want to gather more meaningful data about my kids...I want to feel less "frazzled" all the time.

So, instead of tackling those HUGE things (and--speaking quite frankly here--I'm really not sure how much improvement I am going to make in those areas), I have instead begun dabbling in some "fun" things to do with my class in those first few days back.  I have put together a little set of 5 "New Year" activities that are ready to go for me in those first few days back...a writing prompt, a "goal" sheet, a just-for-fun word work activity, and two math projects.  The first is simply a sheet where the students will use all four operations plus parentheses to find ways to make 2013.  The other I am more excited open-ended problem where they are given $50 to spend on planning a New Year's party for two kids.  The list of available supplies (decorations, food, drink, entertainment) is provided in "menu" format, and the students have to decide how to spend their money without going over.  I haven't decided yet if they will do it alone yet...I think it really lends itself to partner work.

Anyhoo...I am hoping to dig into more "intense" work as the next few days unfold--but I had to start with something kind of fun.  If you are interested in the activities, they are available in my store, but I think you see how easy they would be to create on your own.  Here is a link to the preview if you want a closer look at how to get started.

My "back to school" activities


  1. I am hosting a New Year Linky Party on my blog at I would love to invite you to come on over and join the fun! Your product would be a perfect match the other almost 30 contributions already on the party!

  2. I'll head over and check it out, Ms.M!