I finally finished!  My new game series "Trilogy" is finally a reality!  I have been simmering on this one for quite a while, and I proud to say that the first edition is complete!  I would LOVE feedback on it, so if you have time, pop over to my store and check it out.  The idea came to me out of a need...a need for intermediate kids to have fun ways to independently practice many of the concepts we teach--but not in the "cute", primary way that so many games and activities are designed.  I hope this "big kid" memory game series will be just such a tool for grades 3-6 teachers like me!  Let me know what you think--and watch for more editions coming soon...I have others in the works!

Much like a typical memory game, students lay out an array of cards and look for matches.  The big difference is that THESE games need THREE matches, not just two!  It adds a level of challenge to the game--and increases the fun and engagement.
Having watched my students play this game, I could not believe the great discussions it generated!  I'd love for you to check them are the covers of a few of them!  You can easily modify them by using less "trilogies" or by having students work in pairs.  Check out these great topics!

Let me know what you think--and if you have other versions you would like to see!



  1. This is a great idea! Any thoughts about doing one of measurement - mm, cm etc. My kiddies struggle with that

  2. What a great idea! I will add it to my list...that is something my kiddos struggle with too--watch for it on my store! Tell you what...I'll get it ready, and you can get it for free because YOU are my 20th follower! I am so excited! I have been secretly waiting for that milestone! Are you following me on TpT? When I can get that one ready, I'll email you a copy for free! THANKS!