Tomorrow many bloggers are making their blogs "silent" in honor of the tragedy in Connecticut.  So often we  grasp at straws when faced with horrible times.  We all handle tragedy differently...and so will our students.  So, today, I have just a few VERY random "thoughts" I wanted to share.

  • Tomorrow I, too, will have my blog go silent--not because it makes a difference to the world or takes away any of the pain, but because it recognizes that each one of us is a small piece of the big machine.  Every piece matters...even the parts no one sees or hears.
  • Tonight my give away has been so much fun to meet new followers!  I will contact the winner tonight by email and will announce it on the blog on Monday.  Thank you all for participating.
  • Hug your families and friends today.  They matter.
  • Be ready to tackle the news on Monday with your students.  Be mindful of the ages of your students...and know that deep down, students just want to feel safe and loved.  We can do that.
  • As the different stresses in our schools continue to layer upon us, take care of your coworkers.  Remember we are a team...and teammates pick each other up, especially when times are tough.
  • Want to follow my posts from your phone?  Consider the FREE app "Bloglovin" to follow me and your other favorite blogs.  I have put a "follow" button on the right side of my page.  
  • As we go into our last week before the holidays, remember to savor the moments with the children--even when they are fidgety and talkative and unfocused.  This time of year is magical for them.  Dig deep and find the patience to smile with them.  (This point is primarily for me...I will reread it every day before I go to school--smile)
One of my favorite quotations is from Anne Sullivan, one of the most impactful teachers ever...

"My heart is singing for joy this morning!  A miracle has happened!  The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil's mind, and behold, all things are changed."
--Anne Sullivan

So as we as teachers, parents, and humans try to tackle this horrific tragedy, let's grasp on to all that is positive. Go out and make a difference...we can change the world, one child at a time.

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