Reflections my father turns 86 and will hopefully spend his day relaxing and watching bowl games in his "man cave" to warm up before our beloved "Bucky" plays tomorrow!  The last day of every year is a time for many of us to stop and reflect on the year gone by and to look ahead.  As my father has gotten up in years, it has been easier to let my mind start wandering...will this be his last birthday?

I found myself doing the same thing as I went to write today's blog post...almost becoming sad on a day worth celebrating!  SO--no more!  Today I am going to focus on the positive and do some quick reflections and quick "look aheads"!

  • Despite horrific things happening in our world, I am never disappointed in the way so many people react...whether it be acts of nature or acts of man, GOOD will triumph if we all do our part to make the world a better place.

  • Despite the stresses of the Common Core and "change", great things are happening in our classrooms and schools.  Let's continue to support our teammates and students as we work through the "rough spots" of this transition.  No, there aren't enough resources, money, or technology to do it right.  It's ok--one step at a time.  Worry about what you can control...(feel free to remind of this at any time)

  • Technology is making the world a smaller place and opening opportunities for many of us!  Let's not forget to put down our technology once in a while...there are real humans out there that enjoy us (for the most part!).

  • I went back and reread my blog post  Running on Empty to remind myself of how much I, personally, have learned in recent months.  I need to do a better job helping my students see that--no more "deficit model" for them either!  

  • There are so many cool ideas (spend a few minutes surfing Pinterest or blogs if you doubt me), so many amazing books, so much new information that it is almost overwhelming. I hereby VOW to not let myself get overwhelmed in 2013 and will, instead, savor one AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC idea at a time without thinking "Oooh...maybe it would have been better if..."  Admit it--you do it too--you are a "collector" of ideas, right?  
So...may each of you look back on your 2012 and savor the glorious moments and find the silver lining in the moments that are less perfect.  May you continue to learn and grow in the new year but take the time to reflect on how far you have come and not dwell in what you didn't accomplish.  And, finally, remember to take some time for you and your loved ones.  It may seem as though there isn't enough time in the day--but there is always time for them.

Peace to you all...and thank you for ending 2012 with me--and I hope you stick with me in 2013!



  1. Happy New Year to you too, Meg - and wishing you a joyous and successful, one-moment-at-a-time, loving-every-minute 2013!
    (PS email address is

    1. Thanks, Lynn! Right back atcha--say...did you get my email with the sample page? I seem to be having some email issues. grrrr

    2. No email received :( And my account seems to be working ok. Can you try again?

  2. Love how you turn things into a positive....will work with towards doing that myself and will guide my students to do the same!

    Happy New Year - Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for 2013 and beyond.


  3. Thanks, Nancy! I know how easy it is to "slip" into negativity--at least for me. I try counter it whenever I can! Thank you for the kind words--and right back at you!