Information Text Immersion

We are deep into our study of informational texts...with a focus on "feature articles".  It was so fun today to sit back and watch the students immerse themselves in the beautiful National Geographic Explorer magazines I brought out...they read alone, they read together, they came to show me things...and they just had time to read to learn about some of the coolest topics.  Who WOULDN'T want to read about poisonous animals or pirates or how volcanoes form new islands?!  No worksheet to fill report.  Just. Read. To. Learn.

Simplicity can be very powerful.  Don't you think we make things too complicated sometimes?  Don't get me wrong...this is all in preparation for a pretty substantial writing project, but today--for 45 minutes--we just savored learning because it was really, really, cool information and nothing more.

In honor of simplicity, I now end this entry--maybe my shortest one ever!