Best 10 minutes today...

Strangely enough, my best ten minutes today were spent working with one of my students who is STILL not making good book choices...she struggles with comprehension and is constantly abandoning books.  Today we had a private conference in the reading area where we dug in deep to the books...I would pull a book and she would have to decide "no way", "maybe", or "for sure!" based on all the strategies we have worked on this year.  She is still not independent at this, and I guess I just assumed she was. Never fear!  After only 10 minutes, we created a special book bin ALL for her with 7 "for sure" books and 5 more "maybes"--and off she went to give one a try with a huge smile on her face.  Reminder for me?  We sometimes are teaching lesson after lesson--but forget we are teaching KIDS...take the 10 minutes to dig in and see what's going on!  What were YOUR best 10 minutes today?


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  1. My best ten minutes today were spent listening to a student who had a rough night at home. The time was special for me because the child prefaced the conversation by saying, "Can I talk to you for a minute? I wanted to talk to you because you are the only grown-up I trust who will listen to me." ~Stacy(