It was a busy day of curriculum writing for me as we continue to rewrite our units and assessments to meet the common core.  I know teaching is exhausting, but sitting with "grown ups" and thinking important thoughts is draining in its own way!

Just wanted to let you know about some upcoming things planned for the blog and more...

Watch for a slide show showing how my kids and I used 1 inch tiles to build arrays to learn about factors and prime numbers...

In my TpT store, watch for a new series of memory games called "Trilogy"...watch for updates!  I am SUPER excited for you to see them!

I am looking for feedback as well...if you could pick ONE thing that you feel would be helpful to you in your classrooms over the next weeks before winter break, what would it be?  Holiday activities?  Art projects that tie to the curriculum?  Help getting math journals up and going?  Assessments that tie to the CCSS?  Bulletin board ideas?  My "to do" list is so long...I would love to know what other teachers are feeling most "crunched" about at this time of year!  I looked around my room today and thought, "Man...I need to "freshen" this place up--new bulletin board time!"  What would you like St. Nick to bring YOU?  Happy Friday Eve...


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  1. I TOTALLY forgot! Consider tomorrow "Freebie Friday" in the studio! I hope this reading log might help some of you get your students paying more attention to their reading stamina. It's FREE...how fun is THAT?