Just the beginning...

It is hard to believe that after several years of considering blogging, I decided to take a weekend for myself to get started!  I started a "store" at Teachers Pay Teachers, a blog at Blogger, and--for some reason--feel a little bit more inspired!  There are so many of you out there who are masters at not only the online blogging world, but your classrooms as well.

I am hopeful that I will slowly and carefully begin to navigate this online world as well...I feel pretty comfortable in the confines of my classroom--this makes me feel a little vulnerable to be quite honest!  I feel I have a lot to share, however, and I hope you can learn from me the same as I have learned from you.

Be patient with me, keep sharing with me, and help me get connected!


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  1. I'm working on starting up a blog, too. Thanks for the inspiration! I have found it hard to keep up on my family blog, but hopefully now that I'm done with grad school I will have some free time! Just getting into twitter, too... and am looking for some fellow fabulous fourth grade teachers :)