Happy Friday Everyone!

In honor of the end of another successful week...and in preparation for a busy weekend...it's FREEBIE FRIDAY!

Feel free to stop by my TpT and pick up a free reading log that I have used super successfully with my students...they can track their reading and, most importantly, self-assess their reading stamina!  I love to use a variety of reading logs as part of my reading conferences with kids.  Anyhoo...I'd love for you to try this one and see what you think.  Let me know!

Here's the link if you are interested...



It was a busy day of curriculum writing for me as we continue to rewrite our units and assessments to meet the common core.  I know teaching is exhausting, but sitting with "grown ups" and thinking important thoughts is draining in its own way!

Just wanted to let you know about some upcoming things planned for the blog and more...

Watch for a slide show showing how my kids and I used 1 inch tiles to build arrays to learn about factors and prime numbers...

In my TpT store, watch for a new series of memory games called "Trilogy"...watch for updates!  I am SUPER excited for you to see them!

I am looking for feedback as well...if you could pick ONE thing that you feel would be helpful to you in your classrooms over the next weeks before winter break, what would it be?  Holiday activities?  Art projects that tie to the curriculum?  Help getting math journals up and going?  Assessments that tie to the CCSS?  Bulletin board ideas?  My "to do" list is so long...I would love to know what other teachers are feeling most "crunched" about at this time of year!  I looked around my room today and thought, "Man...I need to "freshen" this place up--new bulletin board time!"  What would you like St. Nick to bring YOU?  Happy Friday Eve...

Today as I watched my students focus for 45 minutes in the computer lab typing their opinion essays, I realize how far they have come in their skills, their motivation, and their learning behaviors.  I don't hear "I don't get it!" or "What do I do?" anymore...I hear "Could you please show me..." and "I tried this but I think..."  I know we have a long way to go, but I did take just a minute to reflect on all that was good at that very minute.  I hope all of you had a moment like that today as well...

I am SUPER excited about a set of winter math games/centers that I have created and will be available soon for you!  I hope to continue to design activities that are fun for kids but ask them to think at a higher level.  I hope the activities that I post can help make math class more fun for you and your students!  As we wake up tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day, know that I am thankful for many things--but one of the things at the top of the list is knowing that my "job" involves making a difference for kids.  Happy Turkey Day, everyone.
Ok...folks--and I know you are out there dying to read this...as soon as I can find you!  The plans for the blog are shaping up!  I am learning on the fly, so it isn't going to happen as quickly as I want but I know it will be worth the patience I am digging deep to have!  A few of the upcoming plans...
*Classroom photos of some of my most useful tips/resources
*Math projects to do with your class...that are fun and instructional at the same time
*Advice on math problem solving and math journals
*Recommended reading--both professional and kid level!
*Helpful hints on implementing the Common Core

I am eager to dig in...and hope you will start joining up with me.  I have twenty years of teaching ready to share with all of you!  If you find me, spread the news to others who might be interested.  I promise to work as quickly as I can to get up and running!

OK...I cannot believe how much time can pass while you are trying to get a blog up and running!  From visiting other blogs, to trying to edit/change mine, to getting frustrated and needing a snack--this has been an all-weekend affair!  I am trying to be patient with the process...and I am super excited that next week is a 2 day teaching week!  I could use a few extra days to regroup after all the craziness of state testing, report cards, conferences, and more.  Maybe by this time next week this blog will be less in chaos and more user friendly!  Thanks to all of your blogs and hints that I have gotten along the way!  Have a wonderful week at school...
It is hard to believe that after several years of considering blogging, I decided to take a weekend for myself to get started!  I started a "store" at Teachers Pay Teachers, a blog at Blogger, and--for some reason--feel a little bit more inspired!  There are so many of you out there who are masters at not only the online blogging world, but your classrooms as well.

I am hopeful that I will slowly and carefully begin to navigate this online world as well...I feel pretty comfortable in the confines of my classroom--this makes me feel a little vulnerable to be quite honest!  I feel I have a lot to share, however, and I hope you can learn from me the same as I have learned from you.

Be patient with me, keep sharing with me, and help me get connected!