Anyone else looking to improve their math instruction next year?

Most summers I do some sort of a book study on the blog, but this summer I decided to try something new!  I know a lot of people have big dreams of making sweeping changes in their classrooms or their instruction and hope that summer will provide them the time to do that.

I have a little "challenge" for those of you who are looking to make some changes in how you teach math this year...maybe not a complete overhaul--but you want to be more deliberate and intentional with what you do.  If this sounds like you, then this series of blog posts and "mini challenges" is just the ticket!  So whether you teach kindergarten or fifth grade...if you teach math, give this summer challenge a try and see what you think!

You can end this summer feeling organized...feeling planned...and KNOWING that you are going to be better meeting each and every students' math needs--with less stress for you!

Here's how this is going to work:

7 Challenges.  6 Weeks.  You can do it!

1.  There are 7 challenges that will happen over the next six weeks or so. You can do all of them--or some of them. You can do them alone, or team up with teachers you know and love and work on these together!  There are several days between challenges to give you time to dig in.  Each challenge is NOT meant to take a ton of time--although depending on your current situation, you may wish to go even deeper into some of them. Work at your own pace...and join any time!

Check out the blog post.  Grab the freebie.  Get to work!

2.  Each of the 7 challenges will have a blog post with some background information and the challenge itself.  Along with it, there will be a freebie "checklist" or other materials to help you implement the challenge.  These freebies are not in my store and are available only through my blog at this time.

Join the Facebook group.  Get support.  Win prizes.  Boom.

3.  There is a special Facebook group for updates, suggestions, and even some special giveaways just for this challenge.  It's a great place to share successes, challenges, ideas, and more.  You will want to join this group (it will only last through the summer!) to get free coaching, post your successes, ask questions, see what others are doing, and so on!  There will definitely be "perks" to being a part of it! I will also be posting reminders, videos, and updates on my Facebook page and my Instagram.

Wait?  A giveaway at the end?  Yes, please.

4.  At the end of the challenges, there will be a great giveaway for you to enter to reward you for your hard work!  If you could use a nice juicy TpT gift card to help you with back to school purchases, then you may be interested in joining in that part of the fun!  There will be other smaller giveaways along the way in the Facebook group, so don't forget to join in the fun there as well!

So are you interested?   Are you in? 

Do you want to join me in preparing for a GREAT YEAR of math teaching?

Start by joining the Facebook group by CLICKING HERE and then following my Facebook page by CLICKING HERE to get updates and reminders. Introduce yourself in the group and get ready for your first challenge coming on Wednesday! Warm up your brain and get ready to set your math instruction on fire!

Get ready to work a little, win a little, and feel more ready for your next year!  Don't forget to hop over to the group now and get started! (Hey...let your friends know too!  Let's start a movement to improve math instruction for ALL students!)
So often teachers are asked to teach math standards—whether they be from the Common Core or other rigorous standards—and aren’t given enough help or the resources to do it well.  
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As we move toward the end of the school year, sometimes it's hard to keep focused on the important work we do!  I know lots of teachers do end-of-year countdowns and so on...but to be honest, I am a pretty big fan of teaching to the end--but I'm not a fool!  I like to incorporate engaging activities where students might not even realize they are working hard and applying everything they learned through the rest of the year!
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